Dominique Palacios

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DOMINIQUE PALACIOS Client Service Representative

Dominique Placios grew up in Whittier, CA and moved to Corona, CA around 2006. Being the oldest sibling of 7 she always wanted to give her younger siblings Someone too look up to . Always working since the age of 16 finding any type of job to show that being a hard worker pays off . Other than working in sales for a short period of time she always craved more and learned anything she could possibly teach herself also learning about semi permanent makeup as a certified makeup artist . Always being a people person and making friends and connections along the way . Now as an adult not only does she have her younger siblings to rely on her but a son of her own that she’s striving to become all that she can for them . As Confucius once said “ our greatest glory is not in never falling , but in rising every-time we fall”.