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Welcome to Divergent Marketing Solutions, a trusted provider of Community Outreach and Corporate Events in California. Our company is dedicated to fostering community engagement and hosting impactful events that make a difference. With our expertise and commitment to corporate social responsibility, we are the go-to partner for Community Outreach Events in California.

We also execute corporate events where we help our clients set up events at different venues to help promote their brands. Our goal is to create inspiring stories that captivate target audiences, no matter where they occur to be. From micro to macro, we have the skills and resources to bring together various aspects of corporate events right from conception to implementation.

In today's internet-driven world, Divergent Marketing Solutions creates extraordinary, face-to-face experiences connecting us to the real world and each other. We love to design and create memorable events; From entire conferences and keynotes to public events and even sporting events, our marketing experts create real-time moments that move, engage and amuse people.

We have set up events for Miramar base Airshow, Comicon, Project Homeless Connect, Petco park, different apartment complexes, school events, Qualcomm, and Community outreach gatherings.

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